Thursday, December 27, 2007

Editions of Philosophical Texts

The production belt churning out critical editions of important intellectual texts in Arabic and Persian in Iran is quite prolific. It has become quite an industry. I will attempt to give some impressions of some recent texts that have been produced beginning with the new editions of the works of Mulla Sadra produced by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute soon. Watch this space...


Aor said...

Greetings, a while ago I cam across an edition of Sadra's Sharh Kafi (commentary on Kulayni). Unfortunately the bookseller had sold the only copy they had for sale. I am wondering if you know anything about this printed edition and its quality.

Additionally has Mulla Sadra's super-commentary on Hikmat al-Ishraq found a lithographed edition as yet? If so could you please provide bibliographical information. I have unsuccessfully been trying to acquire a MS copy of it for some time.

Finally, do you know of any MS outside the manuscripts cited by Henry Corbin being in Istanbul of Suhrawardi's 'waridat wa-t-taqdisat '(which Corbin dubbs 'The Book of Hours').

Thank you for any ishraq/illumination you could can shed on the above questions.


Aor said...

My email is Thank you.